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Descripción: Entrevistamos a SNK Playmore tras el lanzamiento de The King of Fighters XIII (Texto en inglés)

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Hoy es un gran día para SpekSNK. Gracias a la ayuda de nuestro amigo Yen Hau de RISING STAR GAMES hemos podido realizar una entrevista al staff de SNK PLAYMORE donde les hemos preguntado por su último éxito: THE KING OF FIGHTERS XIII, así como sus planes de futuro y otros aspectos como el retorno de sagas clásicas, crossovers o nuevas ideas.


Desde SpekSNK queremos dar las gracias a SNK PLAYMORE y en especial a Kei Yamamoto, Productor de la versión para consolas de KOF XIII por dedicarnos parte de su tiempo. A continuación publicamos la entrevista en inglés, y también en castellano. Gracias tambien a Lenneth por sus traducciones de español a inglés y viceversa.

1. THE KING OF FIGHTERS XIII has already hit stores and the critics had been very positive. Being developed in 2D has been fantastic news for a lot of people as well as a touch of identity, but what aspect are you most proud of?

    SNK PLAYMORE: We are extremely proud that SNK PLAYMORE has been able to make 2D fighting games for so many years. This doesn't mean we think 3D fighting games are bad, as we feel both game types have their own particularities and charm. However, we believe SNK has been able to show to all players that “KOF XIII” is the legitimate evolution of 2D fighting games.

2. KOF XIII acts as a rebirth for the saga. Many characters suffered aesthetic and/or gameplay changes. What is your favourite character? Any tidbits or stories about the development of the game?

    SNK PLAYMORE: We love all characters.

    To be frank, the development of KOF XIII was quite a hard task. We had to use 3D models for each character and draw every element possible such as posing and lightning before converting them to 2D frames. Moreover, in post-process work, we had to put final touches on each illustration for facial expressions, shadows, etc. Naturally, graphics were reviewed and corrected when necessary for refining game balance and making other modifications.

    Actually, the whole staff can't choose a favourite among all the playable characters they retouched many times!

3. A SNK game will be finally at the top notch EVO tournament. How did the company receive the news about that?

    Kei Yamamoto, Producer of KOF XIII Console Ver.: I have checked thoroughly on many forums and websites in regards to the reception of the console version of KOF XIII from players after its release. While I was keeping my eyes on those websites, we first discovered the news that KOF XIII had been selected to be at EVO.

    I am very proud of this achievement, especially because no KOF instalment has been chosen to be represented at the EVO fighting game tournaments up until now.

KOF franchise finally takes a seat at the prestigious EVO tournament

4. There are a lot of loved franchises such as ART OF FIGHTING, THE LAST BLADE, or FATAL FURY that had been a lot of time without new entries. Any chances to see new sequels? Any that you'd want the most to bring back?

    KY: In fact, we have fans of many series made by SNK currently working for the company. Personally, I think a sequel in the “FATAL FURY” Series would be very attractive.
    I am also sure that we have plenty of fans eagerly expecting sequels of SNK games other than “FATAL FURY”. I heard that there are even fans waiting for a sequel to “NEOGEO BATTLE COLISEUM”.

    Concerning your question about what kind of games we are currently working on, we are still at the first initial stages of new projects, but hope that they will meet the expectations of our fans worldwide.

5. Despite 2D graphics still have a lot of support on current gen, we've seen other acclaimed franchises jump into 3D models, such as Street Fighter. ”SAMURAI SHODOWN SEN” was SNK PLAYMORE's response to that trend, but will we see any other 3D fighting game?

    KY: At the moment, we haven't decided yet if we’ll make 3D fighting games or not. Rather than that, I am still thinking about what kind of games I should create next. Should it be sequels or should we produce a totally new style of fighting game? We haven't decided yet. Anyway, no matter what type of game we create next, my sincere desire is to offer our fans games of high quality that meet their expectations.

6. Speaking of Remakes... will SNK PLAYMORE keep launching new classic game remakes on digital distribution channels?

    KY: Again, as explained in our previous answers, we are still contemplating what kind of games we will create in the near future.

FATAL FURY is one of SNK's most important franchises

7. Crossovers are hot right now. Can we expect any with SNK PLAYMORE characters on it? I'm certain fighting games community wait anxiously for a new game crossing Capcom and SNK...

    KY: As this is something very valuable and stimulating for us as well as the fans, I sincerely hope we will have the opportunity to participate in the development of a collaboration title sometime in the future.

    Therefore, I will continue to promote “KOF” so that this dream comes true.

8. Leaving aside fighting games, are there any other plans on developing games from other genres? How about an RPG based off THE KING OF FIGHTERS or FATAL FURY franchises?

    KY: I would like to create games of various genres such as RPG, simulation, puzzle, and shooting games. Moreover, making games that please our fans is our biggest goal, and I am very proud of this. Even if I have the opportunity to develop RPG games, I promise that we’ll make games the fans will enjoy.

    Unfortunately, at this time, we have no plans to develop new games of other genres.

Many people want to see Kyo and Ryu face to face again

9. Lastly: There's a lot of hispanic SNK PLAYMORE fans that follow its steps since its first games, can you dedicate some words to them?

    KY: We know that SNK PLAYMORE has a large population of devout fans especially in South & Central America and the Latin-European countries, and we really appreciate this support. I would like to tell all our fans that we will continue in the pursuit of R&D from several perspectives, in order to always keep offering games that will meet their tastes and expectations.

    Please stay tuned to SNK PLAYMORE and thank you for your support!